Hyundai x Annie Leibovitz Journeys.

A Hyundai portrait series in partnership with Annie Leibovitz.⁠ Everyone is on their own journey. Ours is to build cars that make those journeys possible. To celebrate the journeys of our owners, and the many Hyundai employees who inspire us every day, we partnered with world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz in a portrait and video series to capture a glimpse of life as only Annie can. These are the journeys we build for, the journeys we fight for, and the ones who make Hyundai the place we’re proud to call home.

Mark Fuglevand

Mark has big dreams of creating adaptive solutions for the disabled. Paralyzed at the age of 18, he looked beyond his limitations to develop useful innovations for his community. As part of Mark’s mission, he partnered with Hyundai to help design a prototype PALISADE – modified to allow those in wheelchairs to sit beside the captain chairs so they can interact with others. Mark says, “It’s important to be comfortable with your disability. There’s a huge opportunity in front of you. And you just need to go out, be independent, and enjoy life.”

Wanderlust has led to adventure and discovery for digital nomads Jorge and Raffaela. Transforming their SANTA CRUZ into an overlanding vehicle, they’ve traveled cross country with their dog Luna—mountain biking in Moab and trekking across New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. Jorge sums it up this way: “The idea that I could traverse such an expanse and experience so many different climates, landscapes, people, cultures and food, all while traveling in my vehicle truly excites me.”